Centre for Economic Research

The Centre for Economic Research (CER) was established in 1957 as a department for economic sciences and was managed by: Dr. Voja Rakić (1958-1961), Dr. Zoran Pjanić (1962-1964), Dr. Ivan Maksimović (1965-1966), Dr. Smiljan Jurin (1966-1968), Dr. Milivoje Trklja (1969-1973), Dr. Mirko Jamnik (1974-1982), Dr. Milan Šojić (1982-1990), Dr. Danilo Šuković (1990-2015), Dr. Predrag Petrović (2015-2021) and Dr. Predrag Jovanović (since 2021).

The CER focuses on theoretical and empirical research, as well as studying the economic reality in Serbia. Its theoretical research focuses on the system of open, free market economy, transition, globalisation, regional development, labour market and economic inequality, human resources management and international economy. Applied research focuses on programmes, methods and models of privatisation, capital value assessment, investment programmes, business plans, regional development analyses, labour market and economic inequality analyses, poverty and social policy. 

The CER aims to conduct research in various domains of economic sciences: labour market and economic inequality, poverty, unemployment, foreign trade policy, balance of payments analysis, foreign currency rates, human resources management, economic policy and development, financial stability. One of the aims refers to continual professional development of researchers and raising creativity and innovativeness in all areas of research. Analyses, studies and projects are conducted with an aim of gaining a comprehensive understanding of contemporary economic issues and encouraging the economic growth.


Dr Predrag Jovanović, Principal Research Fellow

Dr Slavoljub Vujović, Principal Research Fellow
Dr Predrag Petrović, Principal Research Fellow
Dr Sanja Filipović, Principal Research Fellow
Dr Jelena Zvezdanović Lobanova, Research Associate
Dr Marijana Maksimović, Research Associate
Dr Ivana Ostojić, Research Associate
Vasko Kelić, Junior Research Assistant