Centre for Demographic Research

The center was established in 1962 and was managed by academician Miloš Macura (1962-1963), Dr. Dušan Breznik (1963-1985), Dr. Miroljub Rančić (1985 and 1987), Dr. Dragana Avramov (1987-1991), Dr. Mila Bogosavljevic (1993) and Dr. Mirjana Rasevic (1993-2022).

The Centre’s work focuses on gaining complex insights into the situation, tendencies and problems of the population in Serbia and its environment. To that end, the studies include all phenomena of demographic development, its tendencies, determining factors, shift patterns and expected changes in the foreseeable future. Particular attention is paid to identifying and researching the development of the population in Serbia and pointing out any possible demographic, economic, sociological and other impacts in the domains affected by the population factor. The range of topics researched also includes the spatial and ethnic dimensions within the phenomena where they significantly cause their manifestation. The findings of quantitative and qualitative analyses, including those acquired through in-depth research, serve as a source of the knowledge needed for improving theoretical and methodological frameworks, but also as efforts to guide political action in this domain.

The aims of the Centre were declared at its founding in 1962. They include: research of the population’s development, promoting demographic knowledge and developing scientific methodology in this domain.


Dr Vladimir Nikitović, Principal Research Fellow

Dr Vesna Lukić, Principal Research Fellow
Dr Ivan Marinković, Senior Research Associate
Dr Marko Galjak, Research Associate
Dr Jelena Predojević-Despić, Research Associate
Dr Ankica Šobot, Research Associate
Ivana Magdalenić, Research Assistant