Centre for Philosophy

The Centre for Philosophy was founded in 2016.

The Centre does not promote any particular philosophical school, approach or ideology. Rather, it aims to gain an understanding of all problems from multiple perspectives and examine them using varied methods. Research and activities are therefore focused on encouraging cooperation between different academic fields, institutions and traditions. The Centre’s activities are beneficial to science in Serbia and the region because they keep abreast with the philosophical thought, encourage cooperation with international institutions, professional associations and teams, and study the traditional philosophical problems and issues, as well as those emerging with the development of science and changes in society.

Promoting the philosophical thought by encouraging debate and critical analysis. Accordingly, the Centre focuses on various fields of philosophy: topics and problems in the domain of ethics, history of philosophy, logics, philosophy of religion, philosophy and history of science, philosophy of language, epistemology, aesthetics, political philosophy and gender studies.


Dr Vojin Rakić, Full Professor

Dr Vladimir Milisavljević, Principal Research Fellow
Dr Predrag Milidrag, Senior Research Associate
Dr Marinko Lolić, Research Associate
Dr Janko Nešić, Research Associate
Marina Budić, Research Assistant
Dušica Kovačević, Junior Research Assistant