Suzana Ignjatović

Senior Research Associate

Head of the Centre for Sociological and Anthropological Research



PhD in sociology, University of Belgrade, 2014

MA in sociology, University of Belgrade, 2009

BA in sociology, University of Belgrade, 2002

Scientific interests:

  • Sociology of the family and life cycle
  • Sociology of youth, sociology of gender
  • Sociological and anthropological theory
  • Sociology of public policy


From 2003 to 2005, Suzana Ignjatović was employed as a policy analyst at the Ministry of Education, where she participated in developing strategies and national reports (CEDAW, UNESCO).

She was appointed as a member of the Council for Gender Equality of the Government of the Republic of Serbia. Since 2005, she has been employed at the Institute of Social Sciences. 

She has published articles in many peer-reviewed journals, such as: European Sociological Review, Journal of Youth Studies, European Journal of Women's Studies, Ethnos, ANNALES - Annals for Istrian and Mediterranean Studies, and Lancet Global Health. 

Her first area of scientific interest was sociology of the family, life cycle, and youth. She participated in the first multi-disciplinary study of youth in Serbia in 2003. 

Треће подручје истраживања је социологија јавне политике. Монографија Социјални капитал представља анализу феномена популарности концепта социјалног капитала у јавној политици и академској сфери. Такође је координисала студију јавног мњења Србије о родној равноправности и политици родне равноправности у Србији.

Her book Social Capital is a case study of the concept of social capital in academia and public policy. She was coordinator of a public opinion study on gender equality and gender equality policy in Serbia (2010). 

She has ten years of experience as a consultant for applied research and vulnerable populations. 


  • International Union of Anthropological and Ethnological Sciences
  • International Sociological Association
  • Srpsko sociološko društvo (Serbian Sociological Association)


  • (2015) Breastfeeding as the New Cultural Taboo (co-authors Z. Buturović, Lj. Hristić ). Anthropological Notebooks, 21(1): 135-144. Gender Equality in a Global Perspective. Routledge.
  • (2013) ‘Are we there yet?’: Citizens of Serbia and public policy on gender equality within the EU accession context (co-author A. Bošković). European Journal of Women's Studies, 20(4): 425–440. Anthropological Notebooks, 21(1): 135-144.
  • (2011) Socijalni kapital: od akademskih rasprava do javne politike. Belgrade, Institute of Social Sciences. European Journal of Women’s Studies, 20(4): 425–440.
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