Predrag Petrović

Principal Research Fellow


PhD in economics, dissertation: “Serbian Economy’s Foreign Trade Imbalance as a Development Limitation”, Faculty of Economics in Belgrade, 2008

MSc in economics, thesis: “Structural Changes in Foreign Trade in Transition Countries of Central and Eastern Europe”, Faculty of Economics in Belgrade, 2004

BSc in economics, Faculty of Economics in Belgrade, 2000

Scientific interests:

  • international economics
  • macroeconomics 
  • applied econometrics 


Predrag Petrović was born in 1974 in Užice, where he attended elementary and secondary school. He graduated from the Faculty of Economics of the University of Belgrade in 2000, where he also defended his master’s thesis and his doctoral dissertation. He is employed as a research associate at the Institute of Social Sciences (Centre for Economic Research). In addition, he is a teaching professor for the Basics of Economics, Microeconomics, Economics and EU Institutions and Public Sector Management courses (basic academic studies) and Macroeconomic Analysis and International Economics course (master’s studies) at Slobomir P University in Bosnia and Herzegovina, where he has been appointed as associate professor. He is the author of numerous original scientific articles published in internationally significant magazines. He has participated in a number of national and international conferences. He is a regular reviewer for several national magazines of international importance.


  • 2009, Scientific Society of Economists 


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