Bojan Todosijević

Principal Research Fellow



2005, PhD, Central European University, Budapest, Hungary 

1998, МА in Nationalism Studies, Central European University, Budapest, Hungary

1995, МА in Sociology, Central European University, Budapest, Hungary

1991, BA in Psychology, Department of Psychology, University of Novi Sad, Serbia, Yugoslavia

Scientific interests:

  • political psychology
  • political attitudes and behavior
  • public opinion research, quantitative research methods


Bojan Todosijević's research focuses on understanding social and political attitudes and political behavior. He has studied the problems of the structure of social attitudes and the role of ideological orientations as mediators between psychological dispositions and political attitudes. He is also involved in research on nationalist attitudes, political intolerance, and populist ideology. In more recent studies, his focus turned towards electoral behavior in Serbia, especially the factors that affect voter turnout and choice. His research is characterized by a comparative approach and quantitative methodology. He is an expert on statistical data analysis and the methodology of public opinion research.

He collaborated on several international research projects, including The Comparative Study of Electoral Systems and The True European Voter. His research is published in leading national and international journals, including Psihologija, European Journal of Political Research, Political Psychology, and International Political Science Review.

He has taught various courses at several universities, including the University of Novi Sad, Serbia; Central European University, Budapest; and University of Twente, the Netherlands.


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  • Todosijević, B. (2013). Socijalni, psihološki i ideološki koreni nacionalističkih stavova u Srbiji. Psihologija, Vol. 46, No. 3, pp. 279-297. 
  • Todosijević, B. & Enyedi, Zs. (2003). Structure vs. culture again: Corporatism and the ‘new politics’ in 16 Western European countries. European Journal of Political Research, 42, 629-642.

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