Jelena Zvezdanovic Lobanova

Research Assistant



Master of Science degree, Faculty of Economics, University of Belgrade, 2010

Bachelor degree, Faculty of Economics, University of Niš, 2008

Scientific interests:

  • Foreign direct investment
  • Quality of the institutional setting
  • Transition countries



Jelena Zvezdanovic Lobanova is a doctoral student of economic and business sciences at the Faculty of Economics and Business, University of Maribor. Her scientific research area includes macro- and microeconomic issues relating to international capital flows, foreign direct investment, cross-border mergers and acquisitions, and the institutional environment. During her education, she has received numerous international and domestic scholarships and scientific awards. She was declared best student in her first, second, third and fourth years of study. On finishing her studies she received a degree with honours as the best graduate economist at the University of Niš in 2007/2008. She holds a University silver decoration as the best graduate in socio-humanistic sciences.

Selected publications:

  • Lobanov, M., Zvezdanović-Lobanova, J. (2015). Double Taxation as a Factor of Cross-border Investment Activity. Economic Policy, 10(1), 92-111. 
  • Maček, A., Ovin, O., Zvezdanović Lobanova, J. (2015). FDI Blessing — How Is It Recognized by Local Communities? — A Comparative Study of Slovenia and Serbia, Perspectives on Business and Management, Prof. Vito Bobek (Ed.). 
  • Zvezdanović, J. (2013). Analyzing FDI economic effects and determinants in SEE economies– comparative approaches, Naše gospodarstvo, Letn. 59, br. 3/4, str. 67-75.

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