Fields of research

International Relations; International Security; Foreign Policy Analysis


The year of receiving the highest degree of professional qualification M.A. 2018.

Marko Mandić was born in 1995 in Belgrade. After graduating from the Fourth Grammar School in Belgrade in 2014 he enrolled in bachelor studies of International Politics at the Faculty of Political Sciences of the University of Belgrade. He graduated from the European Integration module in 2018 with an average grade of 9.50. In the same year, he enrolled in the Master programme of International Studies on the International Security module. He obtained his master’s degree with an average grade of 9.75 by defending his master’s thesis entitled “American interventionism during the administration of President Ronald Reagan: a case study, Nicaragua” under the mentorship of professor Dragan Simić in September 2019. Since October of the same year, he has been a PhD student at the Faculty of Political Sciences of the University of Belgrade and is currently, after passing all of the exams, in the process of writing his doctoral dissertation “National Security Strategies of Montenegro from 2006 to 2020” under the mentorship of professor Simić.

In 2019, he was elected him to the position of junior research assistant and then in 2022 to the position of research assistant. Over his scientific work so far, he has published several peer-reviewed scientific papers in international and domestic journals and has participated in numerous scientific conferences, gatherings and seminars.

The field of academic interest of Marko Mandić are international relations, foreign policy analysis, security studies, strategic studies and contemporary Balkan relations.

Membership of professional organisations

International Studies Association (ISA)

Scholarships, fellowships, grants

OSCE Mission to Serbia Scholarship for PhD Studies

Major publications

Mandić, Marko (2021) Sekuritizacija srpskog identiteta u Crnoj Gori – analiza postojećeg javnog diskursa. Nacionalni interes, 40 (3). str. 213–238.

Cvetićanin, Neven i Mandić, Marko (2021) Suton međunarodnog liberalnog poretka, dijalektika političke mehanike i novi Vestfalski sistem za 21. vek. Politička misao: časopis za politologiju, 58 (1). str. 103–126.

Nedić, Pavle and Mandić, Marko (2021) The US-Russia rapprochement: the (im)possible direction for a US foreign policy. Politika nacionalne bezbednosti = The Policy of National Security, 21 (2). pp. 139–157.

Mandić, Marko (2021) Spoljnopolitički prioriteti Republike Srbije – (Ne)održivo balansiranje? U: Bojan Todosijević (ur.), Predstave o Evropskoj uniji i Rusiji u javnosti Srbije: javno mnjenje Srbije 2018 – JMS 2018. Institut društvenih nauka, Beograd, str. 112–125.

Mandić, Marko (2020) Uticaj politike uslovljavanja Evropske unije na spoljnu politiku Republike Srbije. Politička revija, 66 (4). str. 363–382.

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