Has there been a renaissance of customs as a source of law in international law?

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Have customs experienced their renaissance in modern international law and how does this affect the further development of international law as well as its fragmentation? The lecture of Anđelija Stevanović  “Has there been a renaissance of customs as a source of law in international law? The development from the oldest to today’s customs and their significance“ will be devoted to customs, which, in addition to international treaties, are among the main sources of international law.

Therefore, special attention will be devoted to the importance and comparison of traditional and modern customs, and their way of origin and identification. In addition, it will be examined what is the role of custom in international law today and whether there has been a strengthening or weakening of custom due to the increasing number of international treaties.

During the lecture we will look at the new ways of manifesting the elements of custom and the influence of custom in the formation of the rules of new branches of international law and try to determine what changes and what development has occurred in the field of customary international law in recent decades, taking into account the development of international law itself.

The aim of this lectures is promoting new researchers and familiarization with their previous work.

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Јавни конкурс за попуњавање радног места – директор Института друштвених наука

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30. 11. 2022.

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