Disruptions in interpersonal relationships in depression: Unhomelikeness

Using the phenomenological concept of ‘unhomelikeness’ can be very useful for understanding some aspects of depression experiences, which dr Angelos Sofocleous emphasized in his lecture titled “Disruptions in interpersonal relationships in depression”.

In the lecture held on February 7th in the Grand Hall of the Institute of Social Sciences (via Zoom and in front of a live audience), postdoctoral researcher Angelos Sofocleous, from the University of York, UK, explored the consequences of this particular experiential aspect of depressed individuals’ interpersonal connections. In this context, the author demonstrated how the interpersonal aspect of the sense of unhomelikeness is marked by accounts indicating that the experience of depression cannot be effectively communicated to or understood by others. This difficulty is attributed to the notion that depression constitutes a fundamentally distinct way of perceiving the world, making attempts to articulate the experience in ordinary language futile.

Consequently, individuals grappling with depression often resort to metaphorical expressions (such as feeling incarcerated, suffocated, or living in a bubble) to convey their experiences. The author proposed the conceptualisation of these metaphors through the overarching metaphor of ‘being a spectator in the world,’ aiming to comprehend how the sensation of unhomelikeness materialises in the context of depression experiences.

Angelos Sofocleous’ lecture was the second in the 2024 series of seminars on “Philosophy and Psychiatry” organised by the Center for Philosophy at the Institute of Social Sciences. The seminar aims to allow young colleagues and doctoral students to present and enhance their work through the discussions following each lecture.

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30. 11. 2022.

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