Kosta Čavoški

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Kosta Čavoški (Banatsko Novo Selo, 1941) lawyer, theoretician of law and politician, is a retired professor of the Faculty of Law of the University of Belgrade and a full member of the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts, Secretary of the SASA Department of Social Sciences and a member of the Royal Council of the Crown Prince Aleksandar Karađorđević.

He graduated from the Faculty of Law in Belgrade in 1960. After his graduation, he became a member of the Presidency of the Central Committee of the Union of Communist Youth of Serbia, and subsequently International vice-Chair of the Student Union of Yugoslavia.
In 1968, he participated in the students’ protests. He received his MA in 1969 and became a teaching assistant in 1970. He received his PhD in 1973.

In March 1973, he was sentenced to five months in prison, and two years’ probation.

In 1977, he got employment at the Institute of Comparative Law in Belgrade. In 1984, together with Dobrica Ćosić, he founded the Board for Protection of the Freedom of Thought and Expression and wrote its programme.

From 1987 to 1990, Čavoški worked in the Centre for Philosophy and Social Theory of the Institute of Social Sciences. He was returned to the Faculty of Law of the University of Belgrade on 1 January 1991, as a full professor. He retired in 2009.

He became a corresponding member of the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts on 30 October 2003, and full member on 5 November 2015.

He belonged to the group of 13 intellectuals who in 1990 renewed the operation of the pre-WWII Democratic Party. He was a founder of the Serbian Liberal Party. From 1996 to 2009, Čavoški was a member of the Senate of the Republic of Srpska. He was a member of the team for defending Radovan Karadžić before the International Criminal Tribunal for Former Yugoslavia in The Hague.

He received Miloš Crnjanski Award in 1991 and Miodrag Jovičić Award in 1999.
(Source: Wikipedia)

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