Veselin Mitrović

Senior Research Associate



Veselin (Luka) Mitrović graduated from the Faculty of Philosophy of the University of Belgrade. He defended his doctoral thesis on 14th of November 2011, on the topic “Social Aspects of ‘Enhancement’ of Human Beings within new Bio-Technological Research” (Mentor: prof. Emeritus dr Marija Bogdanović).

Research interests:

  • Sociology
  • Bioethics
  • Disaster Studies


Dr Mitrović was promoted as Senior Research Associate at the Institute for Sociological Research of Faculty of Philosophy, University of Belgrade in 2018.

Током 2020. године вршио је дужност директора Института за филозофију и друштвену теорију, Универзитет у Београду.

Apart from the engagement on the national projects financed by the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development of the Republic of Serbia, since 2017 he has been engaged in the international project COST Action CA15105, “European Medicines Shortages Research Network – addressing supply problems to patients (Medicines Shortages).”

From 2012 to 2016 he was engaged on the international project COST Action IS1201 “Disaster Bioethcis.”

In addition to numerous scientific articles and participation at conferences, he has published three scientific monographs.

Mitrović is a member of numerous professional associations and a reviewer for a number of scholarly journals.

По позиву је предавао на универзитетима и факултетима у земљи и иностранству. Ко-организатор је неколико међународних научних скупова.


  • Member of Serbian Sociological Society
  • Member of the International Forum of Teachers UNESCO (IFT UNESCO)
  • Member of the Steering board of the UNESCO Chair in Bioethics. Unit Serbia (2011-2016)


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