Sofija Nikolić Popadić

Research Associate


2021 – PhD, Faculty of Law, University of Belgrade. The doctoral dissertation Ownership of agricultural land was defended with summa cum laude in February 2021.

2014 – Master of Laws, Faculty of Law, University of Belgrade, Civil Law Module, Civil Law sub-module I. She defended the thesis entitled Real Estate Registers in South-Eastern Europe-a Comparative Law Approach.

2012 – LLB, Faculty of Law, University of Novi Sad, general legal studies. She finished the winter semester of the school year of 2009/2010 at the Faculty of Law, University of Salzburg, Austria (Universität Salzburg, Rechtwissenschaftliche Fakultät); She finished the winter semester of the school year of 2010/2011 at the Faculty of Law, University of Vienna, at the Institute of European, International and Comparative Law (Universtät Wien, Institut für Europarecht, Internationales Recht und Rechtvergleichung) as a holder of University of Vienna: Human Resources Development Program for selected SEE Universities scholarship.

Scientific interests:

  • Civil Law 
  • Property Law 
  • Agricultural Law 
  • Construction Law 
  • Law in spatial planning 
  • Housing 
  • Medical law


After enrolling PhD studies, she worked at the Faculty of Law, University of Belgrade as a teaching associate for courses Civil Law – General Part and Property Law in the winter semester of the school year of 2016/2017 and 2017/2018. She was research and teaching assistant at the Faculty of Law, University of Bremen (Germany) (Universität Bremen, Fachbereich Rechtswissenschaft) form 05.04.2017 until 30.09.2017. As a guest lecturer at the Faculty of Law, University of Bremen, since 2017 she gives lectures for courses Introduction to the Methodology and the Concept of Private Law in Serbia and Serbian Contract Law. She was awarded several scholarships for research stays abroad. In March 2017, she spent one month at the University of Cambridge where she conducted a research as a holder of the British Scholarship Trust. In March and April 2018 she conducted a research for PhD thesis at the Swiss Institute of Comparative Law in Lausanne, as a holder of van Calker Scholarship.

In July 2018 she started working at the Institute of Social Science’s Centre for Legal Research.


Selected publications:

  • Sofija Nikolić Popadić (2021) „Flood Prevention in Serbia and Legal Challenges in Obtaining the Land for Flood Risk Management,“ Environmental Science & Policy, Volume 116, February 2021.
  • Sofija Nikolić Popadić (2020) „Legal aspects of flood risk management“, Collection of papers Faculty of Law, Niš, No. 86/2020.
  • Sofija Nikolić (2018) „A Serbian perspective on pre-emption rights: Change that was necessary?”, in: Instruments of Land Policy, Dealing with Scarcity of Land, Jean-David Gerber, Thomas Hartmann, Andreas Hengstermann (eds.), Routledge, Abingdon (UK), New York, 2018.
  • Christoph U. Schmid, Sofija Nikolić (2018) „Evictions in Germany“, in: Loss of Homes and Evictions across Europe A Comparative Legal and Policy Examination, Padraic Kenna, Sergio Nasarre-Aznar, Peter Sparkes, Christoph U. Schmid (eds.), Edward Elgar Publishing, Cheltenham, UK, 2018.
  • Sofija Nikolić (2016) „The transformation of right of use into ownership right on construction land in Serbia“, , Nova pravna revija: časopis za domaće, njemačko i evropsko pravo, 1/2016.

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