Strengthening the Protection of Human Rights of Detainees/Prisoners

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Strengthening the Protection of Human Rights of Persons Deprived of their Liberty and Convicted Persons in Serbia


Health, police detention


Processing of the data contained in questionnaires, concerning healthcare for persons detained by the police, and developing recommendations


A comprehensive response to the healthcare needs of detainees/prisoners assumes equalling the healthcare in prisons to that in the community. Special challenges involve provision of hospital care in emergencies and access to diagnostic and therapeutic measures.

Healthcare in the community and in prisons must rely on identical ethical principles which assume provision of identical prevention treatments and healthcare for detainees/prisoners, as for any other community member.


The questionnaires filled in by police administration and their employees were processed by means of the ISS platform, with subsequent creation of recommendations.


The questionnaires were analysed statistically, and recommendations were provided for harmonisation of the practice with legislative solutions.

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