Public Opinion in Serbia 2020.

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Society and Politics: Public Opinion in Serbia 2020


Public opinion research


An empirical research of the citizens’ opinion concerning different current social and political issues, such as interest in politics, participation in recent parliamentary elections, opinions of political parties and leaders, experiences and opinions concerning the COVID-19 pandemic.


The primary aim of the project was to implement the CSES project Module 5 (Comparative Study of Electoral Systems, CSES) in Serbia, after the parliamentary elections held on 21 June 2020. The CSES Module 5 was dedicated to the issue of the quality of election offer, opinions of the quality of democracy and populist attitudes. The CSES is perceived as a unique global project oriented towards identifying institutional influences on political behaviour, through comparative studies of public opinion and electoral behaviour in a large number of today’s democracies.

In addition to the questions of the CSES module 5, a series of questions was also included, concerning the current social and political issues relevant for Serbia, and especially the COVID-19 pandemic.


The data-collection was based on the existing ISS internet panel, in combination with advertising and promotion on the internet and social networks. Recruitment of the respondents was realised in three ways: 1) e-mail invitations to the personal addresses of potential respondents; 2) advertising on the internet, and primarily social networks; 3) sending invitations to a random sample of telephone numbers via Viber.

A similar research, including the CSES Modul 5 questionnaire, was made by the ISS after the presidential elections of 2017. This means that the collected data offer an opportunity to dedicate special attention to the issue of stability, i.e. changeability of political attitudes.


The result of the research is the JMS2020-CSESM5 database. These data were used in analyses, the results of which were presented in scientific papers and at conferences. Since the sample on which the poll was realised is of the special-purpose type, the collected data would not be included in the official edition of the CSES data.

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