Vasko Kelić

Year of obtaining the highest degree


Fields of research

human development, economic growth, fiscal policy, socioeconomic inequalities, green economy, theory of justice

Current research projects:

Inclusive Economic Growth Determinants in Serbia

Impact of Socioeconomic Disparities on Green Transition


The year of receiving the highest degree of professional qualification МА 2020.

Born in Belgrade, Serbia in 1996. He enrolled in a BA degree in Philosophy at the Faculty of Philosophy, University of Belgrade in 2015 and completed the degree in 2019. During his studies, he specialized in the fields of ethics and political philosophy, with a particular focus on theory of distributive justice.

He finished his MA studies at the Central European University in 2020 and defended an MA thesis in which he discussed how a number of people who are related to our actions affect the morality of these actions. Following the studies’ completion, he received the Outstanding Academic Achievement Award for the best studies performance in his cohort.

Since November 2022, he has been enrolled in a PhD program at the Faculty of Economics and Business, University of Belgrade. His doctoral research is centered on inclusive economic growth and the phenomena that affect it.

Major publications: 

  • Zarić Siniša & Kelić Vasko (2022) “The Irresistible Ease of Making an Index: What We Learn from NGI?”, Knowledge – International Journal 52, 1, 15–20. 
  • Келић Васко (2018) „Минимална држава и права не-људских животиња”, Филозофске студије 33, 34, 27–36.

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