Slavoljub Vujović

Year of obtaining the highest degree


Work in education

  • College (lecturer) and Faculty (assistant) 2002-2006
  • From 2006 assistant professor
  • From 2008 associate professor

Fields of research

Tourism; international economy; finance; fiscal economy.

Current research projects

Socioeconomic inequalities and sociodemographic variables as problems and factors in solving problems of economic crises; sustainable development and green transition.


Slavoljub M. Vujović (1967 Zasada, Herzegovina), employed at IDN in Belgrade as a scientific advisor.

At the University of Belgrade, at the Faculty of Economics, he earned a bachelor’s and master’s degree, and a doctorate at the Faculty of Science, University of Novi Sad.

State – professional exam for work in state bodies, passed at the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Serbia in Belgrade, December 1996.

From 1994 to 2002, he worked in the Republic Administration of Public Revenues of the Republic of Serbia in Belgrade in responsible and managerial positions.

From 2002, he worked in education until 2009, while from 2009 he worked at the Economic Institute in Belgrade, where he was also a member of the Board of Directors, Director of Scientific Research Development and President of the Institute’s Scientific Council.

Member of the Scientific Society of Agrarian Economists of the Balkans and the Society of Economists of Belgrade.

Independently and in cooperation with other authors, in the country and abroad, he published more than 140 bibliographic units, including nine textbooks and five monographs of national importance, then held numerous lectures at seminars, scientific and other gatherings, was the president of scientific and organizational board of several meetings, member of the editorial board and reviewer in three international journals: Novye tehnologii/New technologies, Russia-Maykop; Journals International Business Research Canada and Journal of Business and Management Sciences, State of New Jersey, USA; reviewer of several monographic publications of national and international importance.

He was a mentor, president and member of committees for evaluation and defense of numerous doctoral dissertations.

In the period 1991–1994, as the president of the Association of Students “Jovan Dučić” from the RS in Belgrade, he published many interesting articles in the weekly “Javnost” RS, and later in the daily newspapers “Borba” and “Politika”.

He occasionally publishes interesting contributions at Nauka i kultura i Iskra – svetla strana sveta.

Membership of professional organisations

  • Society of Economists of Belgrade;
  • Association of Tourismologists of Serbia;
  • Scientific Society of Agrarian Economists of the Balkans.

Major publications

  • Vujović, Slavoljub (2008), Materijalna osnova turizma – stvaranje materijalne osnove nove turističke destinacije; monografija. Institut za ekonomiku poljoprivrede, Beograd.
  • Slavoljub Vujović (2018). Turizam u svetlu ekonomije, Ekonomski institut, Beograd.
  • Slavoljub Vujović, Vujić Nenad, Premović Jelena, Kalinić Marija (2021), Local community attitude toward tourism development in capital cities: example of Belgrade, Business Economics, 69, 1–2, 41–54.
  • Slavoljub Vujović, Dušica Cvijanović, Nenad Vujić (2020), The influence of diet habits, on what, how, how much and for whom to produce in the agricultural sector of Serbia? Agricultural economics, 67, 4, 205–1216.
  • Slavoljub Vujović, Nenad Šarenac, Jelena Premović (2021). Pandemija kovid 19 i ekonomsko-socijalne nejednakosti u Zemljama Zapadnog BalkanaMeđunarodni naučni skup EKOM 2021 Značaj mini šengena za evrointegracije Zapadnog Balkana, Ekonomski fakultet Kosovska Mitrovica, 214–228.

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