Pavle Pavlović


Fields of research

social and cultural history, history of film and film industry

Current research projects

Cinematography after the Second World War in Serbia


The year of receiving the highest degree of professional qualification MA, 2016.

Born in 1992 in Belgrade. After graduating from the Tenth Gymnasium “Mihajlo Pupin”, he enrolled at the Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Belgrade and completed his basic academic studies in 2015 at the Department of Camera. The following year, at the Faculty of Philosophy, he successfully defended his master’s thesis entitled “Objectives of Combat Missions of the US Air Force in Serbia 1943-1944.” and enrolls in doctoral studies at the same.

During his studies at the Faculty of Philosophy, he participated in many cinematographic projects, the most important of which are “Shadows over the Balkans”, “XII Words” and “Group”.

He is one of the authors of the documentary series “From Assassination to War – Telegrams” broadcast on RTS in 2014.

Director of photography of several short films shown at festivals in Serbia and the world, author of several commercials and short films. Two solo photo exhibitions and one group exhibition.

Author of photographs in the books “History of sport shooting in Serbia” and “Step ahead of time – 125 years of Siemens in Serbia”.

Work in education

Professor of cinematography and photography at Artimedia high scho

Membership of professional organisations:

Member of the Association of Film Artists of Serbia

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