Ognjen Pribićević

Year of obtaining the highest degree


Head of the Centre

Fields of research

International relations; US and Russia Relations; Serbian European integrations; British domestics and foreign politics

Current research projects

International relations


The year of receiving the highest degree of professional qualification 2012.

PhD, Faculty of Political Science, University of Belgrade, 1988, MA, University of Belgrade, 1985, BA University of Belgrade 1982, He was awarded as one of the best students of Belgrade University.

He published more than 60 articles in Serbia in scientific journals. Apart from Serbia his scientific articles was published in 10 countries including USA, Great Britain, Austria, Czech Republic , Hungary, Poland, Bulgaria, Switzerland, Germany, Norway and in Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Macedonia.

Dr Pribicevic was born in Belgrade in 1960. Father of Dr. Ognjen Pribićević, prof. Dr. Branko Pribićević got his PhD at Oxford University in 1957. and was one of the founders of the Faculty of Political Sciences in Belgrade and a visiting professor at Johns Hopkins University in Bologna (SAIS). Dr. Ognjen Pribićević is the third ambassador in his family. Before him, were Rade Pribićević in Poland 1947-1950 and Canada 1950 to 1952 and Novak Pribićević in Austria 1977 to 1981 and Albania from 1986 to 1990.

Dr Pribicevic  gave lectures at Princeton, Johns Hopkins, Pittsburgh, Washington, Colorado, Seattle, New York, Oxford, LSE,  Geneva, Paris, Vienna, Heidelberg,  Munich  universities  and  institutes etc. 

Dr Ognjen Pribićević was Assistant Minister of Foreign Affairs 2004–2005, and Ambassador to the Federal Republic of Germany 2005–2009 and to the United Kingdom 2013–2017.

Dr Pribicevic was Member of Academic Advisory Board of Freedom House, New York for the publication of the journal Nations in Transition, 2001-2003. Dr Pribicevic was Associate of Oxford Analytica Journal 2001- 2003.

Scholarships, fellowships, grants

  • – St Anthony’s College, Oxford, 1995, 1998
  • – Institute of Social Sciences, Vienna, 1996
  • – IREX Fellow, University of Pittsburgh, 1994
  • – Reuters Fellow, Green College, Oxford, 1992

Major publications

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