Marta Sjeničić

Year of obtaining the highest degree


Head of the Center for legal research

Fields of research

medical and health law; social care law

Current research projects

Legal regulation in the sphere of rare diseases; working group for the draft by-laws on food for infants and young children; access of vulnerable social groups to health and social care services; providing an assessment and opinion on the quality and suitability for accreditation of training programs in social protection; lectures in the field of medical and health law and social protection law


The year of receiving the highest degree of professional qualification 2021.

Dr. Marta Sjeničić was born in April 1969 in Belgrade, where she received primary and secondary education. After graduating in 1987, she enrolled in regular studies at the Faculty of Law at the University of Belgrade. She graduated in 1992 and in the same year enrolled in postgraduate studies in civil law at the Faculty of Law in Belgrade. At the same time, she started working as a trainee lawyer. In 1994, she passed the bar exam.

During her post-graduate studies, Marta Sjeničić successfully prepared and defended her master’s thesis entitled “HIV infection and property liability” in 2002. In 2005, she submitted her doctoral dissertation at the Faculty of Law in Belgrade on the topic: “The compliance of the patient as an injured party in civil law”. She defended the dissertation in 2010 and obtained the academic title of Doctor of Legal Sciences. In 2010, she was elected to the title of Research Associate, and in 2016, to the title of Senior Research Associate.

Before working at the Institute of Social Sciences, Dr. Sjeničić worked at a law firm, the Economic Institute and the consulting firm “Deloitte & Touche”. She improved her knowledge of foreign languages ​​(English, German, French and Russian). She has been working at the Center for Legal Research of the Institute of Social Sciences since 1997, on scientific projects in the field of medical and health law. She is one of the founders and the president of the Association of Lawyers for Medical and Health Law of Serbia.

She was the team leader of the following projects: „Roma population as vulnerable group in health care – access and discrimination“ (2019-2020); „Infant and Young Children Feeding – Legal frame and implementation of legal regulation on breast-feeding in the Republic of Serbia – drafting amendments to legal regulation“ (2018–2019); „Implementation of the WHO Project on Adults with Mental Disabilities Living in Institutions in the European Region“ (2017-2019); „Securing health care in line with human rights standards for persons with disabilities in residential institutions in Serbia“ (2016–2017), and „Equitable policies and services for rare disease patients“ (2014–2016). 

Membership of professional organisations

– President of the Association of Lawyers for Medical and Health Law of Serbia – SUPRAM

– Member of the European Association for Health Law

Work in education

– 2019 Mentorship in the preparation of the doctoral dissertation “Property rights on agricultural land”, candidate Sofija Nikolić

– 2016 Member of the Commission for review and evaluation of Biljana Zekavica’s doctoral dissertation “Establishment and sustainability of the quality control system of services in social protection”, Faculty of Political Sciences

– 2016 Mentor to doctoral student Milan Marković in the process of preparing his doctoral dissertation “Aspects of the Human Rights in Jurisprudence of the ECHR” and mentor in scientific research work at the Institute of Social Sciences on the project “Human rights and values ​​in biomedicine: Democratization of decision-making in healthcare and implementation”.

Major publications

Sjeničić, M. (2021). Pravni i organizacioni okvir za osnivanje službi za zaštitu mentalnog zdravlja u zajednici. Beograd: Institut društvenih nauka.

Sjeničić, M. (2020). Pravni aspekti nasilja nad starijim osobama. Beograd: Institut društvenih nauka.

Sjeničić, M. (2013). Pacijent kao oštećeni u građanskom pravu i njegova sukrivica. Beograd: Institut društvenih nauka.

Mladenović, A., Matijević, B. i Sjeničić, M. (2022). A Multidisciplinary Approach to Health Prevention with the Emphasis on Multimorbidity in Post Conflict Serbia–Results of the Qualitative ResearchMedicine, Law & Society, 15 (2), 253–270.

Sjeničić, M. i Milenković, M. (2021). European Union Competences in the Area of Communicable Diseases – Experiences and Lessons Learned from the COVID-19 Crisis. Srpska politička misao 74, 4, 59–82.

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