Ivana Ostojić

Year of obtaining the highest degree

The year of receiving the highest degree of professional qualification: Ph.D. 2022.

Deputy Head of the Centre for Economic Research

Fields of research

Green economy; Sustainable economic growth; Green financing; Financial institutions

Current research projects

Environmental economics, appreciation of the ecological dimension of development while achieving a compromise between economic growth and preservation of the environmental quality.

Analysis of the advantages of the sustainable development goals achievement by entering the green transition process, which leads in the direction of a low-carbon economy and carbon footprint reduction.


The year of receiving the highest degree of professional qualification: Ph.D. 2022.

Ivana Ostojić graduated from the Faculty of Economics, University of Belgrade (module: Finance, Banking and Insurance) in 2009 with an average grade of 9.39. She completed her master’s studies in 2011 at the Faculty of Economics, University of Belgrade (module: Business Management: Marketing Management) with an average grade of 9.44 and successfully defended her master’s thesis: “Branding in the Fashion Industry of Serbia”. She defended her doctoral dissertation entitled “The Role of Development Finance Institutions in Supporting Sustainable Development” in 2022.

She is a member of the program and organizing committees of several domestic and international scientific conferences. She is the author of about 40 scientific papers and in her research, she applies econometric analysis for making economic conclusions and recommendations.

She was engaged in the following projects: (1) “Increasing exports through the creation of value chains in the fruit and vegetable processing industry” which was implemented in cooperation with the Serbian Chamber of Commerce and supported by USAID. (2) “Investigation of economic, socio-demographic and public opinion aspects of the construction of hydroelectric power plants on Lim, Brodarevo 1 and Brodarevo 2 on the development of Prijepolje and its surroundings”. (3) “Land Value Evaluation for Optimization Technology Research B.V. Company, Amsterdam” (land valuations at the request of Optimization Technology Research B.V. from the Netherlands). (4) “Social transformations in the process of European integration – a multidisciplinary approach” financed by the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development of the Republic of Serbia. (5) SEEMIG – Management of migration and the consequences of migration in South-Eastern Europe – transnational activities towards strategies based on documentation, a strategic project financed within the framework of the European Union program for South-Eastern Europe.

Participated in the training for the EU program Horizon 2020 with a focus on the circular economy (Horizon 2020 Project Development and Proposal Writing Training for Circular Economy) to improve the skills for the preparation and management of projects from the Horizon 2020 program. Participated in the circular economy workshop “A peek into the FUTURE – Going Circular through Digital“.

Membership of professional organisations

SEMA, Serbian Marketing Assosiation

Belgrade Association of  Economists

Scholarships, fellowships, grants

Scholarship holder of the Milivoj Jovanović and Luka Ćelović Foundation during basic academic studies

Major publications

Petrović, P., Nikolić, G., & Ostojić, I. (2017). Demographic Determinants of Energy Consumption in the European Union: Econometric Analysis Results. Stanovništvo, 55(1), 1–20.

Petrović, P., Nikolić, G., & Ostojić, I. (2018). Emissions of CO2 in the European Union: Empirical analysis of demographic, economic and technological factors. Stanovništvo, 56(1), 63–82.

Ostojić, I., Petrović, P., & Nikolić, G. (2021). Net international migration: A panel analysis of economic determinants. Stanovništvo, 59(2), 83–106.

Ostojić, I., Jovanović, P., & Matijević, B. (2022). Development Finance Institutions, Environmental Inequalities and Just Green Transition. In G. Ilik & A. Stanojoska (Eds.), Towards a Better Future: Visions of Justice, (pp.119-132).

Ostojić, I., Maksimović, M., & Stojković Zlatanović, S. (2022). Inequality of women in the labor market in the context of the green economy. Temida, 25(3), 251-281.

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