Goran Bašić

Year of obtaining the highest degree

Goran Bašić is director of the Institute since 2015. He began his scientific work at the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts in the Committee for the Study of Human and Minority Rights and the Committee for the Study of the Life and Customs of Roma, of which he has been the scientific secretary since 1989.

He is a member of the Committee of Experts of the Council of Europe for the Implementation of the Framework Convention for the Protection of National Minorities and the Management Board of the “Serbian Institute” in Budapest.

He was the Deputy Ombudsman of the Republic of Serbia responsible for the rights of national minorities and persons with disabilities. He is the founder of the Center for the Study of Ethnicity and the Network for Interculturalism.

Selected works:

  • Toward policy of integrative multiculturalism in Serbia (with Marijana Pajvančić), Ethnicity Research Center, 2015
  • Human security and multiculturalism, in: „Twenty Years of Human Security: Theoretical Foundations and Practical Applications“, editorial Ivica Đorđević [et al.], University of Belgrade Faculty of Security Studies, Institut Français de Géopolitique Université Paris, 2015
  • What really separates us? (Survey of young people in the cities of Nis, Kikinda and Bor and Pristina, Pec and Prizren), Population, 1/2014
  • Political action, Roma movement and changes, Čigoja štampa, 2010,
  • Poverty and affirmative measures, in: Varady Tibor and Bašić Goran, „Contributions to the strategy of improving the position of Roma“, SASA, Special editions, Book DCLXXIV, The Department of Social Sciences, Book 106, 2014, p. 9-26.
  • Multicultural Fair, ERC, 2011
  • Human rights in political theory and practice, Law and Policy, vol. 2, No 1-2, 2009, p. 85 – 105
  • Multiculturalism and civic participation, Law and Policy, vol. 1, No 1, 2009, p.131 – 149
  • Regional cooperation and the policy of multiculturalism in Serbia, International Studies, vol. 8, No 3-4, 2008, Zagreb, p. 140 – 158
  • Policy of multiculturalism – protection or control of ethno-cultural identity, Philosophy and Society, 2(34), 2007, p. 167-199
  • Political participation and cultural authonomy of national minorities in Serbia, FES, 2006
  • Temptations of democracy in a multiethnic society, Ethnicity Research Center, Belgrade, 2006
  • The Art of Survival – Where and How Roma people live in Serbia, (with Božidar Jakšić), Institute for Philosophy and Social Theory, 2005
  • Political and legal status of national minorities in Serbia and Montenegro, in: Goran Bašić, „Prospects of multiculturality in Western Balkan states“, Belgrade, 2004, p. 37-107
  • The Bosniak in Sanjack, CAA, 2003

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