Bojan Todosijević

Year of obtaining the highest degree

The year of receiving the highest degree of professional qualification Ph.D. 2006.

Fields of research

Political psychology; Political behavior and attitudes; Public opinion; Quantitative research methods

Current research projects

Attitudes and Behavior in Context: Political Perceptions and Childbearing Plans


The year of receiving the highest degree of professional qualification Ph.D. 2006.

Dr. Todosijević’s research is focused on understanding social and political attitudes and political behavior. In his works, he deals with the problems of the structure of ideology, and the role of ideological orientations as mediators of the connection between psychological dispositions and political attitudes. He also studies nationalist attitudes, political intolerance, and populist ideology. In recent works, his work is focused on electoral behavior of Serbian citizens, especially the factors that influence electoral turnout and electoral decisions. His works are characterized by a comparative approach, i.e. comparative analysis of data from different countries. He is an expert in the field of statistical data analysis and methodology of public opinion research.

Membership of professional organizations

Sociological Scientific Society of Serbia

Association for Political Sciences of Serbia

Scholarships, fellowships, grants

2012–2013 “Harmonization of Serbian election studies in order to join the COST action The True European Voter”. Research grant from the Regional Research Promotion Programme in the Western Balkans (RRPP)

2010 The Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research (NWO) grant No. 471-09-003 (European Social Survey Developmental project #2: Implementing a panel component)

Work in education

– at the Department of Psychology of the University of Novi Sad, during 2008 he taught the courses Social Psychology and Political Psychology

– at the Nationalism Studies Program (Central European University, Budapest), he held a course entitled Nationalism, national identity, national feeling, as a guest lecture

– at the University of Twente, independently or in collaboration with colleagues, he held courses on the methodology of scientific research, and on the topic of public opinion research.

Major publications

Todosijević, B., Pavlović, Z. & Komar, O. (2022). Measuring populist ideology: anti-elite orientation and government status. Quality and Quantity 56(3), 1611–1629.

Todosijević, B. & Pavlović, Z. (2020). Pred glasačkom kutijom: Politička psihologija izbornog ponašanja u Srbiji. Institut društvenih nauka, Beograd.

Todosijević, B. (2016). Tolerance of Diversity and Diversity of Intolerance: Evidence from Serbia. Journal of Balkan and Near Eastern Studies, 18, no. 5, 465–477.

Todosijević, B. & Enyedi, Zs. (2008). Authoritarianism without Dominant Ideology: Political Manifestations of Authoritarian Attitudes in Hungary. Political Psychology, 29(5), 767–787.

Todosijević, B. (2005). Issues and party preferences in Hungary: A comparison of directional and proximity models. Party Politics, 11, 1, 109–126.

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