Bogumil Hrabak

Year of obtaining the highest degree

Bogumil Hrabak (1927–2010) served in the People’s Liberation Army from October 1944 to December 1945. He studied philosophy and then history at the Faculty of Philosophy in Belgrade (1946–1951). He was a teaching assistant at the Department of History of the Faculty of Philosophy in Belgrade (1951–1957). He defended his PhD thesis at the Faculty of Philosophy in Sarajevo in 1957.
Once he had received his PhD, he worked at the Institute of Military History and at the Institute of Social Sciences. This was followed by his engagement at the Faculty of Philosophy in Pristina, first as an associate professor and then as a full professor (1965–1979). There he founded the Department of History, which he was the head of for eight years. He was one of the founders of the Scientific Society of Kosovo.
For a short while, he was the Director of the Institute for the History of Labour Movement (1976–1977). He worked as a full professor at the Faculty of Philosophy in Novi Sad (1979–1993). He was a full member of the Academy of Sciences and Arts of Kosovo (1978–1992).

After his retirement, he was an honorary lecturer at the Faculty of Philosophy in Nikšić, as well as in Banjaluka, and at the postgraduate studies in Pristina and Kosovska Mitrovica.

Central to his research were topics concerning economic history of the late Middle Ages, Turkish-Venetian relations, the First Serbian Uprising, WWI, economic and political history of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia and foreign political activities of the socialist Yugoslavia until 1965. His bibliography is composed of more than 600 titles.

(Source: Wikipedia)

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