New Public Opinion Survey – Jubilee Poll to be Conducted by the Institute

The Centre for Political Research and Public Opinion of the Institute of Social Sciences in Belgrade is conducting an online survey “Citizens’ values attitudes on the democratic transformation of Serbia over the past three decades (1990-2022)”.

This jubilee poll is retrospectively focused, respecting the long tradition of scientific research by the Institute – the Centre for Public Opinion Research was established in the early 1960s, and was the first of its kind in Eastern Europe.

The questionnaire is dedicated to citizens’ attitudes towards the most important political, social and economic issues and problems in Serbia over the past three decades: citizens’ confidence in democratic institutions (parliament, government, judiciary, parties, media), citizens’ participation in elections and protests, attitudes towards the most important, critical historical events, assessments of the state of the economy in Serbia and the living standards of citizens, as well as of international relations of Serbia, relations with the European Union, NATO and major world powers.

The research is led by an interdisciplinary team of researchers from the Institute of Social Sciences.

Public opinion survey is conducted online, using different modalities of recruitment of respondents.

All interested citizens of the Republic of Serbia (provided they are 18+ years old) will be able to participate in this survey by clicking on the link below.

Your opinion matters!

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Јавни конкурс за попуњавање радног места – директор Института друштвених наука

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30. 11. 2022.

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