Ivana Arsić

Research Associate


PhD, Autonomous University of Barcelona, Faculty of Arts and Humanities, 2017. 

MA, University of Belgrade, Faculty of Philosophy, 2013. 

BA, University of Belgrade, Faculty of Philosophy, 2012.

Scientific interests:

  • Coexistence in multiculturalism and multiconfessionalism
  • Acculturation
  • Religijska birokratija i institucije


Graduated from the University of Belgrade, earning the Bachelor (2012) and Master Degrees (2013) in Classical Studies at the Faculty of Philosophy. Arsic studied at the Autonomous University of Barcelona, earning her a doctorate (2017) with the highest score in Cultures in Contact in the Mediterranean, at the Department of Antiquity and Middle Age studies (Faculty of Arts and Humanities). Since October 2018, Arsic has been employed as a research trainee at the Institute of Social Sciences in Belgrade. 

Arsic is a transdisciplinary researcher focused on cross-cultural relations in late medieval and early modern Spain and issues surrounding its identity and acculturation. Main topics of her research are: religious mentality, religious bureaucracy and its institutions, acculturation and deculturation, the term of coexistence (convivència) in multiculturalism and multiconfessionalism in the lands that are today’s Spain. An effective study of abovementioned themes required an interdisciplinary approach. Hence, Arsic brings to her research an understanding of archival material and manuscripts and their historical and textual criticism. She has participated in international and scientific conferences held in Serbia and published her work in Serbian and international academic journals.

Selected publications:

  • Arsić I., 2018: “Episcopal Legacy in Inquisitorial Processes in the Work of Pere Miquel Carbonell i Soler: 1488-1505 Barcelona”, Богословље, 2018, vol. 2. ISSN (штампано издање): 0006-5714; ISSN (интернет издање): 2650-4945, pp. 186-202. 
  • Arsić I., 2016: “The 14th Century Inquisitional Administrative Documents in Pere Miquel Carbonell`s Manuscript”, Medievalia, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona: Institut d’Estudis Medievals, Vol. 19, 2, ISSN: 2014-8410, pp. 255-261.

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