Goran Bašić

Director of the Institute of Social Sciences

Principal Research Fellow



PhD and MA from the Faculty of Political Sciences of the University of Belgrade.

Research interests:

  • Political theory
  • Human rights
  • Multiculturalism (inclusive policies, national minorities, Roma, people with disabilities, the elderly)


Goran Bašić worked as a research associate at the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts. In 2007, he was appointed senior research associate at the Institute for Philosophy and Social Theory of the University of Belgrade. He taught political theory and human rights in the undergraduate programme and multiculturalism policies in the graduate programme at the Faculty for Legal and Political Studies of EDUKONS University in Novi Sad. He has been employed at the Institute of Social Sciences since 2014.

In the Government of FR Yugoslavia, he was a ministerial adviser in the domains of justice and human and minority rights. From 2008 to 2013 he was deputy ombudsman for the rights of national minorities, people with disabilities and the elderly.

Goran Bašić is the founder of the Ethnicity Research Centre, where he managed a number of international and national projects in the domain of multiculturalism. 

He has been successful in linking his scholarly work with public policies: he led the team for resolving the status of “legally invisible persons”; he was the leading expert in drafting the Initial Study and then the Strategy for Social Inclusion of Roma from 2016 to 2025; he authored the Initial Study for drafting the Strategy for Improvement of the Status of People with Disabilities 2016-2020; and so on. 


  • Member of the Council of Europe Advisory Committee for monitoring the Framework Convention for the Protection of National Minorities
  • Secretary of the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts Commission for Human Rights and National Minorities
  • Secretary of the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts Commission for Study of the Life and Customs of Roma
  • Founder of the Ethnicity Research Centre


  • Multiculturalism in Public Policies, Institute of Social Sciences, Belgrade, 2018.
  • Od segregativne ka integrativnoj politici multikulturalnosti [From Segregative to Integrative Policy of Multiculturalism], Ethnicity Research Centre, Belgrade, 2014
  • Politička akcija [Political Action], Čigoja štampa, Belgrade, 2010
  • Iskušenja demokratije u multietničkom društvu [Temptations of Democracy in a Multiethnic Society] Ethnicity Research Centre, Belgrade, 2006
  • Umetnost preživljavanja, gde i kako žive Romi u Srbiji [The Art of Survival – Where and How the Roma Live in Serbia], Institute for Philosophy and Social Theory, Belgrade, 2005

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