Centre for Politicological Research and Public Opinion

The Centre was established in 1963 and was managed by Dr. Firdus Džinić (1963-1972), Dr. Dragomir Pantić (1973, 1983-1988 and 2005-2009), Dr. Mihailo Popović (1974-1976), Dr. Vladimir Goati (1976-1983), Dr. Ljiljana Baćević (od 1989-2005), Dr. Aleksandar Bošković (2009-2016), Dr. Zoran Lutovac (2016-2022) and Dr. Bojan Todosijević (since 2022). The Centre has conducted more than 200 public opinion surveys, which reflected the political changes and developments in the political process and has contributed to the understanding of complex politicological phenomena, democracy, rule of law, legitimacy and communication.

Public opinion research (methodology, structure and dynamics of public opinion); research of political systems, political and voters’ behaviour, predicting election results; study of political communication, media and the public; research of specific societal developments, processes and social groups (political culture, values, inter-ethnic and inter-religious relations, the elite, youth, women, lifestyles); compiling and maintaining a public opinion data base and other empirical research in Serbia; theoretical research of politics; consultancy. The Centre develops research based on the latest scientific approaches, combining social psychology, political psychology and statistics, as well as interdisciplinary research (sociology, history, communicology, anthropology). 

Developing basic and applied research of contemporary politics – contemporary communication, human rights, extremism, human security, equality issues, social differences, attitudes towards minority groups relevant for the research of discrimination and inequality in Serbia. 


Dr Ognjen Pribićević, Principal Research Fellow


Dr Goran Bašić, Principal Research Fellow
Dr Bojan Todosijević, Principal Research Fellow
Dr Zoran Lutovac, Senior Research Associate
Dr Željka Buturović-Bradarić, Research Associate
Dr Dijana Vukomanović, Research Associate
Dr Milica Joković Pantelić, Research Associate
Jovana Zafirović, Research Assistant
Marko Jovanović, Research Assistant
Marko Mandić, Research Assistant
Ksenija Marković, Research Assistant
Branka Matijević, Research Assistant
Milan Blagojević, Junior Research Assistant
Anja Žujović, Junior Research Assistant
Milica Ljevaja, Junior Research Assistant
Pavle Pavlović, Junior Research Assistant
Đurđica Stanković, Junior Research Assistant
Irena Ristić, Special Consultant