The First Meeting of the COST Project “Ethics in Dementia”

The first general meeting of the project COST CA 21137-EDEM “Ethics in Dementia” (EDEM), will be held on 21-22 March 2023 in the Institute of Social Sciences. It has been planned for a meeting of the Managing Board to be held, as well as panel discussions within the five work groups of the EDEM action.

The EDEM project also involves an interdisciplinary national team for researching ethics in dementia in Serbia, led by Veselin Mitrović. The team is composed of researchers from the ISS and the Centre for Dementia of the Clinical Centre of Serbia’s Neurology Clinic.

COST is the widest European intergovernmental network for cooperation in the field of science and technology, financed under the EU Horizon 202 R&I Framework Programme. The aim of the COST project is the creation of new concepts and products within the four-year cooperation on a selected topic, between interdisciplinary research networks. The networks predominantly involve researchers from academic community, but also experts and innovators from small and medium-sized enterprises, public institutions and other relevant organisations.

You can see the programme here.