Regional “Tea Party“ on the democratic socialism of Christian Broda

This year’s last lecture within the Regional Tea Party, by Aleksa Đilas, will be given on 14 December at 12pm in the Main hall of the Institute of Social Sciences. He will talk about the democratic socialism of the Austrian politician Christian Broda (1916-1987).

The lecture will focus on the personality of the Austrian socialist Christiana Broda, who was the Austrian Minister of Justice for almost two decades, responsible for many reforms that contributed to Austria becoming a modern democratic country. At the same time, Broda is rightly criticized not only for not having done enough to prosecute those Nazis responsible for serious crimes, but also for having sometimes protected them.

Through the lecture, Aleksa Đilas will try to provide an answer to the question of whether modern social democracy is capable to morally, intellectually and legally confront radical evil in one’s own country.

Aleksa Djilas
18.07.2013. Aleksa Djilas, foto: darko chirkov

Aleksa Đilas is a writer, sociologist and historian. Born in Belgrade in 1953, he studied philosophy at the University of Belgrade, Vienna, Graz and politics and sociology in London, where he at the LSE obtained his doctorate. He was several times visiting scholar, at the Institute for Applied Social Research, University of Cologne, Harvard University and at the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars in Washington, D.C. He authored a number of books, edited volumes and essay collections, among them The Contested Country: Yugoslav Unity and Communist Revolution, 1919-1953, published in Belgrade and by Harvard University Press (1991/1996). Between 1986 and 1992 he co-published the German quarterly Kontinent (Ost-West Forum).

The Regional „Tea party“ is organized together with the Academic Network for Cooperation in Southeast Europe. Irena Ristić (IDN) will moderate the lecture.


You can also participate in the discussion via Zoom platform:

Meeting ID: 946 5753 7038
Passcode: 925495




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Јавни конкурс за попуњавање радног места – директор Института друштвених наука

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30. 11. 2022.

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