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At the initiative of demographers, the Centre for Demographic Research within the Institute of Social Sciences and the Ministry competent for social policy together publish Demographic Review, with a view to providing more in-depth information to decision makers and population policy stakeholders about various aspects of population development. Demographic Review is conceived as a newsletter, published four times a year, addressing some of the current topics and targeting the members of the national parliament, representatives of local governments and journalists. To date, there have been 66 issues. Since the first issue, which examined the natural trends of Serbia’s population in the 1990s, up until the most recent one titled „The Promotion of Sexual and Reproductive Health of the Serbian Youth: Why? Who? How?“, a great number of population-related topics have been presented to the public. 


The published issues of Demographic Review are available on the website of the Ministry of Labour, Employment, Veteran and Social Affairs



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