Challenges and Perspectives of  XXI century for Identity and Dignity of Personality

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On the occasion of celebration of the 60th anniversary of the Institute of Social Sciences the Department of Philosophy organized the Round table conference on the topic “Challenges and perspectives of XXI century for identity and dignity of personality” on Friday October 27th 2017. 

These topics which were initiated on the occasion of celebration of the important anniversary for the development of scientific institutions and social sciences in Serbia are good opportunity to address the  most important issues of philosophy, science and society not only in the light of the contemporary social circumstances  but also as understood in the theoretical discourse. These important issues open the possibilty of further consideration of the relations of the philosophical and social theories and politics, building of the social and scientific instituitions and establishing new cultural and theoretical patterns, legal and moral norms in the postcapitalistic world. 

These topics of the round table conference continue the rich tradition of critical thought of the Institute (Department of Philosophy) and make room for the new and argumentative dialogue not only between various philosophical points of view but also of the other theoretical perspectives. 

According to the Book of summaries and Programme which has been already published the researchers form the Department of Philosophy of the Institute of Social Sciences and guests from other faculties and institutions from Belgrade, Novi Sad, Banjaluka and Smederevska Palanka will submit their papers. 

The round table conference is made up from two sessions titled as Gender and identity and dignity with the lecturers: Ms Natalija Mićunović, Mr Igor Milinković, Ms Sofija Mojsić, Mr Vladimir Đurđević and Philosophical and legal aspects of dignity with the lecturers: Mr Milan Brdar, Ms Duška Franeta, Mr Zoran Kinđić and Mr Marinko Lolić. 



Collection of papers