Round table "Region and Europe towards challenges of change" held at the Institute of Social Sciences

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On the occasion of marking the sixtieth anniversary of the Institute of Social Sciences, a round table entitled REGION AND EUROPE TOWARDS CHALLENGES OF CHANGE organized by the Center for Sociological and Anthropological Research, was held on Saturday, 14 October 2017. Invited guests and researchers from the Center have discussed the implications of the current processes of de/stabilisation in EU on the situation in the region and Serbia, through the review of the following topics: World financial crisis and requisite for new economic paradigm (dr Dejan Šoškić);  Shift in EU migration policies – security instead of inclusion (dr Marija Babović);  European union and neo-endogenous development of cities and regions: neoliberal trap or development chance? (dr Mina Petrović); Discursive critics of gender equality in EU policies (dr Lilijana Čičkarić); Desecularization: Europe and Serbia in religious changes (dr Mirko Blagojević); The end of the modern or welfare state for the 21st century? (dr Neven Cvetićanin); Transition from education to job market - challenges of youth in Serbia in relation to youth in the region and EU (dr Dragan Stanojević); Social protests in Europe and region against policies and austerity measures (dr Nada Novaković); Ecological (un)sustainable growth of European countries (dr Vladimir Mentus). The round table theme has awakened the interests of researchers from different disciplines, and the discussion contributed to a better understanding of the situation in our country, region and Europe. 



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