Hajrija Mujović Zornić

Principal Research Fellow

Project Leader,

Head of the Centre for Legal Research

2001 Doctor of Juridical Science, Faculty of Law, University of Belgrade; Dissertation: "Liability for unwanted birth (wrongful birth) and for unwanted life (wrongful life) – Comparative Law review"

1989 Master of Law, LLM Law School, University of Belgrade; Thesis: "Legal effects of preliminary contract“

1983 Bachelor of Law, Faculty of Law, University of Belgrade


  • Basic research field: Medical law
  • Specialties: Patients' rights, rights of physicians, general medical law discipline, civil liability in medicine, reproductive health and reproductive rights, pharmaceutical law, bioethics and law, health law, civil law


Principal investigator of the research team that was started in the 1990s to deal with medical law issues in Serbia from a comparative and European perspective. Winner of the prize for project work in science awarded by the Ministry of Science and Technology of RS. Author of one of the first doctoral dissertations in Serbia in the area of medical law. Team leader of the first Serbian legal project on human rights related to health: "Patients' rights in the health care system - Serbia and the European perspective" (2005-2010). One of the founders and general secretary of the Yugoslav Association for Medical Law (JUMPS, later UMPS), as well as vice president of the Association of Lawyers for Medical and Health Law of Serbia (SUPRAM). Represented the research community as a delegate for Serbia at World Association for Medical Law (WAML) events. Active as a member of the Ethics Committee of Serbia until 2014. Reviewer of numerous articles as a member of the editorial board of the Kopaonik School of Natural Law. Cooperation on ongoing medical education and legislative work, as well as in cooperation with several law schools in Serbia and the Balkan region. Teaches as a visiting professor and mentors master's and doctoral theses in studies of medicine and law. Strong organizing skills, international cooperation and joint scientific work.

Membership in professional organizations:

  • 2012 - present Vice President of Association of Lawyers for Medical and Health Law of Serbia (SUPRAM)
  • 2001 - present Member of the Lawyers’ Association of Serbia (Kopaonik School of Natural Law)
  • 2000 - present Delegate at the World Association for Medical Law (WAML)
  • 2011 - present Member of the UNESCO Section of Bioethics in Serbia (Chair in Bioethics, RS Unit)
  • 2009 - present Member of the National Committee for Bioethics at the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts (SASA)

Representative publications:

  • (2015) Human Rights in Patient Care – Serbia (Chapters 6,7), koautorstvo sa V.Bjegović Mikanović i dr., ured. V.Bjegović Mikanović, J.Šantrić, J.Overal, Medical School, University of Belgrade, str. 413.
  • (2015)"Lična prava u oblasti genetske dijagnostike – Novine u zakonodavstvu Srbije" [Personal rights in the field of genetic diagnostics - New legislation in Serbia], in: Vesna Kazazić (ed.) Aktualnosti građanskog i trgovačkog zakonodavstva i pravne prakse [Current Issues of Civil and Commercial Law and Legal Practice], Law School, University of Mostar, Neum, Bosnia and Herzegovina, pp.439-452
  • (2008) Farmaceutsko pravo – Pravo o lekovima i štete od lekova [Pharmaceutical law - Law on medicinal products and harmful effects of drugs], Nomos, Institute of Social Sciences, Belgrade, p. 175
  • (2002) Neželjeno rođenje deteta kao slučaj štete i odgovornost lekara [Unwanted birth of a child as a case of damage by and liability of a physician], Nomos, Belgrade, p. 129


Collection of papers