Aleksandar Bošković

Principal Research Fellow,
Head of the Centre for Anthropological Research

Ph.D. in Social Anthropology (1996), University of St Andrews, St Andrews, Scotland, UK

М.А. in Anthropology (1993), Tulane University, New Orleans, LA, USA

Degree in Philosophy (University of Belgrade), 1990

Scientific interests:

  • contemporary anthropology
  • history and theory of anthropology
  • psychoanalysis
  • ethnicity and nationalism
  • myth and religion
  • semiotics


Aleksandar Bošković was born (because he had no alternative) on 5 June 1962 in Zemun, in what was then called "FNR Yugoslavia". He spent some years in "pro-democracy" journalism (1983-1990), including some time at the Belgrade periodical Student, and wrote for almost all of the major (mostly Belgrade-based) Yugoslav magazines at the time. Later he had articles published in Ireland (The Fortnight Magazine, May 1997) and Germany (Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, 15 February 1997). Between March and September 1998 he wrote a weekly column called "Treći milenijum" ("The Third Millenium") for the Belgrade daily Dnevni telegraf. After 1997, he was interviewed by several alternative radio and TV stations, as well as by Arkzin, Duga, Odgovor, Naša Borba, Radio Belgrade, Slobodna Dalmacija, Politika, Radio Deutsche Welle, Uniforum (Norway), Prestup, and the Montenegrin daily Pobjeda. Most recently, he was interviewed by the weekly magazine NIN on 23 August 2012.
He is professor of anthropology in the Department of Ethnology and Anthropology, Faculty of Philosophy, University of Belgrade (Serbia). He was visiting professor in the Anthropology Program at the Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Ljubljana (Slovenia), visiting professor of European Ethnology at the University of Brasília (Brazil), post-doctoral research fellow and lecturer at the University of the Witwatersrand, and senior lecturer in Anthropology at Rhodes University in Grahamstown (South Africa). He is the author or editor of ten books, including, most recently, A Brief Introduction to Anthropology (Zagreb, 2010), Other People’s Anthropologies: Ethnographic Practice on the Margins (New York, 2008), and (co-edited with Chris Hann) The Anthropological Field on the Margins of Europe, 1945-1991 (Berlin, 2013).


ASA (1998); RAI (2000); EASA (2000); IUAES (1998) – also Deputy Chair of the Commission on Theoretical Anthropology (COTA); IACM (2016).


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Collection of papers