21. April 2018

Dr Lilijana Čičkarić, Principal Reasearh Fellow, participated on April 21 at the 6th International Conference "Engagement for Social Change: Moving Beyond Resistance", organized by the Institute for Philosophy and Social Theory, University of Belgrade, within the panel discussion (R)evolution in Serbia, a Step Forward from Resistance. Dr Čičkarić talked about the importance of social protests and movements during the 1990s and 2000s for the development of democracy in Serbia, in which she also directly participated and researched them from a sociological perspective.

17. August 2017

Within the activities of the third EU health programme (2014-2020), a meeting was held at the Ministry of Health following the adoption of the Decision to Establish a Work Body for Implementing a Joint Action for Inequalities in Health, from the Work Plan for 2017. In addition to health institutions and secretariats, the Institute of Social Sciences was added to the work body in the capacity of an associate.

14. August 2017

A cooperation agreement was signed between the Institute of Social Sciences and the Republic Office of Statistics.

10. August 2017

Dr. Zorica Mršević, principal research fellow at the Institute of Social Sciences was invited to give an introductory presentation on the topic of “Femicide – Crime Against Women” at the meeting of the Collegium of the Autonomous Province’s Ombudsman on 4 August 2017. The topic of meeting “Family violence from the perspective of realisation, protection and promotion of human rights”

27. June 2017

At its meeting held on 27 June 2017, the Scientific Council of the Institute of Social Sciences appointed Dr. Mirjana Rašević President of the Council and Dr. Marta Sjeničić its Vice-President.

Research groups
  1. 10 July 1957

    The Institute of Social Sciences established.
    - Departments of economic sciences, sociology, history sciences and political and legal sciences formed.

  2. 1958. - 1965.

    Graduate school of social sciences operated within the ISS.

  3. 1961.

    Department of Philosophy established.

  4. 1962.

    Centre for Demographic Research founded.

  5. 1963.

    Journal Stanovništvo launched .
    - Centre for the Research of Public Opinion established.

  6. 1969.

    Department of History Sciences becomes the Institute of Contemporary History.

  7. 1977.

    ISS founder’s right assumed by the Government of the Republic of Serbia.

  8. 1981.

    The Institute joins the University of Belgrade.
    - Centre for Philosophy and Social Theory established.

  9. 1992.

    Centre for Philosophy and Social Theory becomes independent.

  10. 1998.

    ISS excluded from the University.

  11. 2014.

    Procedure initiated for rejoining the University of Belgrade.

  12. 2016.

    Resource Centre for Research Support established;
    - Centre for Philosophy established;
    - Group for Anthropological Research formed within the Centre for Sociological Research.


Collection of papers