International sociological-religiological conference "RELIGIONS, IDENTITIES, POLITICS" held on Silver Lake

After several delays due to the global SARS-COV-2 pandemic, the 6th international sociological-religiological gathering titled „Religions, Identities, Policies (Points of Convergence and Divergence)“ took place on 10-11 September 2021 at Srebrno Jezero, Serbia. The event was organized by the Forum for Religious Issues and the Center for Sociological and Anthropological Research of the Institute of Social Sciences from Belgrade, the Yugoslav Association for Scientific Research of Religion from Niš, and the Board for Education and Culture of the Diocese of Braničevo from Požarevac. The conference had an international character as the announcements were submitted by 10 foreign researchers from Montenegro, North Macedonia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Ukraine, and Russia. A total of 25 researchers, 15 of whom were from the Institute of Social Sciences and other scientific research organizations from Serbia, presented findings that covered a range of different disciplines of science and religious studies, making the conference, as in previous years, a multidisciplinary event.

The gathering of scholars who study the religious phenomenon has become traditional and important as a scientific event. This is especially the case since there are fewer scientific gatherings in the domestic scientific community compared to the previous period, even though religious issues maintain their social significance, being important not only individuals and their social life but also bearing a much broader social, regional and global geostrategic significance.


International  Conference, Srebrno jezero, Veliko Gradište, 2020

Editor Mirko Blagojević

Belgrade, Institute of Social Sciences, 2020
ISBN 978-86-7093-231-9