Centre for Legal Research

The Centre for Legal Research (CLR) has been a part of the Institute since its founding in 1957. Its work was managed by: Academician Jovan Đorđević (1958-1962), Academician Ljubomir Tadić (1962-1965), Dr. Dimitrije Prodanović (1965-1970 and 1985-1989), Dr. Slavoljub Popović (1970-1973), Dr. Svetislav Aranđelović (1974-1980), Dr. Ljiljana Đurović (1980-1984), Dr. Mijat Damjanović (1990-1992), Dr. Ljiljana Krulj (1992-2000) and Dr. Zorica Mršević (2000-2008).

The CLR has continually been promoting the study of law and the current legislation by exploring the issues concerning the rule of law, human rights and contemporary tendencies in the world. CLR’s activities influence the development of the legal system in Serbia because it monitors and studies the development of its legal institutions and engages in comparative law studies of European and other countries. In recent years, the CLR has developed research in medical, health and environmental law, gender and gender equality studies and the phenomenon of violence. Through its research in medical law and gender studies, the CLR has gained the reputation of a recognisable and referential institution in scholarly and professional circles.

Comparative research, following academic trends and constant promotion of the judicial science in Serbia, both as team and project work and individual research. The CLR defines and processes relevant scientific areas in civil, medical and public law, with a particular emphasis on the contemporary standards in human rights in these domains. The CLR guides the professional development of scholars as part of the scientific and higher education process and publishes a large number of scholarly papers.


Dr Hajrija Mujović, Principal Research Fellow

Dr Marko Milenković, Senior Research Associate
Dr Marta Sjeničić, Senior Research Associate
Dr Mirjana Dokmanović, Research Associate
Dr Ranko Sovilj, Research Associate
Dr Sanja Stojković-Zlatanović, Research Associate
Sofija Nikolić Popadić, Research Assistant
Jagoda Drljača, Research Trainee