History: The Department of Sociology, as it was called initially, was founded in 1957. From 1966 to 1969 this unit operated under the name of “Centre for the Research of Social Relations”, and from 1969 to 2016 as the “Centre for Sociological Research”. In 2016, the group for anthropological research was added to the Centre.

The Centre was managed by: Dr. Vuko Pavićević (1958-1960), Dr. Jože Goričar (1960-1962), Dr. Ilija Stanojčić (1963-1970 and 1974-1976), Dr. Radoslav Ratković (1970-1971), Dr. Živan Tanić (1971-1974), Dr. Vladimir Milanović (1976-1979), Dr. Milosav Janićijević (1979-1983), Dr. Velimir Tomanović (1983-2001), Dr. Marija Parun-Kolin (2001-2002), Dr. Slobodan Vuković (2002-2013) and Dr. Milan Brdar (2013-2017).

Activities: The Centre conducts fundamental and applied research in sociology, politics, gender studies, sociology of religion, sociology of social movements and studies of public administration and public policies. Continual research is done in the discriminated situation of minority groups; political participation and representation in parliamentary democracy; characteristics of male and female leadership; the role and importance of the feminist movement; structural changes and transformation of Serbia in the context of its EU integration process and religious phenomena in institutional and non-institutional forms in post-conflict societies.

Aims: Promotion of scientific research and exploring the possibilities and ways of implementing academic results in practice, above all, in producing analyses and studies necessary for the creation of public policies.



Dr Lilijana Čičkarić, Senior Research Associate


Dr Snežana Grk, Principal Research Fellow
Dr Mirko Blagojević, Senior Research Associate
Dr Neven Cvetićanin, Research Associate
Dr Nada Novaković, Research Associate
Ana Vuković, Research Assistant
Dr Vladimir Mentus, Research Assistant

Group for Anthropological Research

Group Leader:

Dr Aleksandar Bošković, Principal Research Fellow


Dr Ljubomir Hristić, Research Associate
Dr Suzana Ignjatović, Senior Research Associate
Mr Emilija Mijić, Research Assistant